Boston Studio Production and Streaming Service

Take a look behind the scenes in 360 degrees as we set up for a two day shoot (and week long set build) for Wayfair’s Wayday Stream. Click and drag your mouse or move your phone around to see all the action. This is the first time we’ve let a 360 camera in our studio so take a good look!

Thanks to Sonic Pixel Media for providing the 360 video and for more information on Boston video production, set building, studio rentals, crew staffing, and more please get in touch!

New to 360 degree videos?

360 degree videos are immersive videos, where an omnidirectional camera (or a rig of cameras essentially stitched next to each other) films in every direction at once. The video looks…odd when edited but when uploaded allows the viewer to move their phone or click and drag their mouse around to see in all directions. Look up, down, left, and right in the video above!

For more information, check out wikipedia’s page for more info or watch the best 360 degree videos on Tom’s Guide.

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