Featured Testimonial

We love working with our clients and they love working with us! The Unified Protocol Institute reached out to us looking for help creating resources for an online training program.

Charles River Media provided a multitude of services, including creative consultation, custom set design and construction, multi-camera studio recording, and post-production editing for over 70 learning modules.

From Across The Pond

Our colleagues from Live Union, an agency based in the UK, provided this testimonial following the success of a corporate town hall live stream. Charles River Media constructed a pop-up studio at a global company's headquarters in Massachusetts for a talk-show style town hall program. Featuring the CEO, employee conversations, pre-produced video rolls, and interactive Q&A, the broadcast went out to over 7,000 employees around the world.

Virtual Sets and Virtual Events

For the third consecutive year, the team at Charles River Media was excited to collaborate with Thought Industries to produce their annual virtual conference, Cognition23. This digital first online event is designed for anyone involved in the online professional training industry.

Utilizing our in-studio chroma key virtual set technologies, we transported keynote presenters into a branded immersive environment.

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Coast to Coast

We've worked with eClinicalWorks throughout the U.S. providing live streaming, video production, post-production, and event services in Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, New York, Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas and more!

Hear what eCW's "Pre-Note to the Keynote" host has to say.

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10+ Years of Partnership

ACP Decisions has worked with Charles River Media for over a decade. We've filmed hundreds of medical videos (in dozens of languages) in our studio and even traveled to Hawaii with them on more than one occasion. Our years of collaboration has led to the development of a comprehensive video library used by medical providers worldwide.

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