Video content has become an essential component of marketing and communications strategies for companies in the technology and manufacturing industries. These companies often rely on video to showcase their products, demonstrate their expertise, and engage with their audiences. However, producing high-quality video content can be a challenging process, especially for companies that are not experienced in this area or don’t have sufficient internal resources.

At Charles River Media, we understand the unique challenges that technology and manufacturing companies face when it comes to producing engaging content. As professional communicators, producers, editors, and directors, we work with technology-focused and manufacturing companies to develop and execute video projects that deliver exceptional results.


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One of the key challenges that technology and manufacturing companies face when producing video content is ensuring that the content is accurate, informative, and most importantly engaging. These companies often have complex products or processes that are difficult to explain or demonstrate in a visual format. It is important for the video content to accurately convey the key features and benefits of these products and processes, while also making them accessible and engaging for the audience. It all leads back to our tagline of Identify, Inform, Inspire.

Our clients

Charles River Media has worked with companies such as Liquiglide, Vicor, Labster, Beacon Interactive, Adobe, School of Motion, Thought Industries, Dandy, and Boston Scientific to develop and produce high-quality video content (or consulting services) that highlights their products, services, and expertise.

One of the ways we help our clients produce engaging content is by working closely with them to understand their target audience and the key messages they want to convey. This allows us to develop a clear concept and storyboard for the video, ensuring that it is tailored to the specific needs of the client and their audience. We also bring a wealth of experience and creativity to the table, offering ideas and suggestions for how to visually convey complex concepts and ideas in an engaging and accessible way. Sometimes our production team is utilized, sometimes our designers and motion graphics artists, but often it's a group effort.


Highlights of our work in Technology and Manufacturing include:

Liquiglide boasts being the first and only viable technology that allows viscous liquids to slide effortlessly. We worked with them on multiple campaigns including the cheeky “Does it Glide?”

Vicor is a leading, global power technology company, focused on advancing power delivery with modular power components and one of our oldest clients. We work with Vicor on producing quarterly videos consisting of financial data and interviews with the CEO as well as have produced various “webinars” from our studios, product demos, manufacturing plant tours, ribbons cutting event coverage, and even a dynamic video for a LED wall at a trade booth overseas.

When Thought Industries asked us to elevate the look and feel of their digital first 2022 COGNITION conference with a custom virtual set, we were happy to help! Built in Cinema 4D, this virtual environment enabled us to record keynote presentations, software demos, and interviews using the live green screen workflows at our 73 TV Place Studio.

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