Quickbase Company Kickoff 2023

Quickbase, Inc. is a software company that provides a low-code application development platform that allows users to build custom applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Headquartered in Boston, with a growing global workforce, Quickbase came to CRMi to help re-imagine their annual company kick-off by moving to a digital-first event format.

Some of the key goals for the 2023 kickoff were to engage and connect with their global workforce community and provide updates about the year to come, but do so without the use of any slide decks in the presentations. Instead of the standard “2-box” layout with a talking head next to a slide, we were happy to work with Quickbase to produce a diverse array of short-form videos with their executive leadership and staff, consisting of interviews, round table discussions, presentations with whiteboards and animations, and live trivia.

CRMi’s services included consulting, multiple days of on-location “film style” video production, remote recording sessions, post-production and animation, and live video production and streaming services from our 73 TV Place studio. We also provided the Brandlive virtual events platforms, which included a registration and event page complete with client branding, HD streaming video, agenda, speaker bios, document downloads, and interactive chat.

This project incorporated about 70% pre-recorded content of presentations and 30% live and interactive content from our studio, which we’ve found is the golden ratio for these types of events.

By pre-recording the presentations, we were able to create polished videos that delivered the content in unique ways. Coupled with live interactive components, we were able to keep viewers engaged while fostering a sense of community. The live components included Q&A, where in-studio and remote contributors answered questions from viewers that came in over the text-based chat, and also trivia via Kahoot led by an in-studio host. Attendees used their phones to answer questions that appeared live on the stream and the winners received real prizes.

We were so happy to see many positive comments in the live chat of attendees appreciating this new virtual event format with high-quality videos that prioritized conveying important messages in unique and interesting ways, rather than relying on slide decks. We look forward to helping Quickbase and other companies utilize this new format for their company-wide events!

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