5AM Ventures Investor Meeting

Hybrid Event Production

5AM Ventures and CRMG started working together in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when we helped pivot what traditionally had been in-person meetings into fully virtual events. Once physical events resumed, we collaborated with 5AM Ventures to produce on-location hybrid events where attendees could join in-person or remotely via live stream.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the hybrid Limited Partners Meeting we helped produce at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. Our events team provided full-service A/V, lighting, and live streaming services to produce an engaging experience for both the in-room and online audience. 

Prior to the event, our film production team created overview videos showcasing some of the portfolio companies that premiered at the event. These documentary-style pieces were filmed on-location in New York and Boston and helped educate attendees on the exciting innovations being developed at the companies.

The short video clip showcases the “walk-in” look for the 5AM Ventures Portfolio Day meeting we provided A/V and lighting support for at the Four Seasons in Boston. We utilized intelligent moving light design and video projection loops to match the client’s branding and create an immersive experience for attendees as they entered the ballroom.

Thanks to our friends at 5AM Ventures for having us and to our hardworking crew and partners for helping put together a great show!

Behind the Scenes

A peek at the "walk-in look" where macro videos of test tube color mixing were projected on screens and lighting design was used to carry the colors and movements across the ballroom.

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