It’s been another busy week here at Charles River Media Group.

On Sunday, while Cody Signore and Bruce Petschek were filming for the Winchester Ballet School, Don Schechter joined Pulitzer Prize winning photographer David Turnley to film Robert Kraft at Gillette Stadium. Mr. Kraft is the Chairman and CEO of the Kraft Group and is the owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots, Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution, and Gillette Stadium itself. Don joined David on a quick tour of Mr. Kraft’s owner’s box and trophy room, and then conducted the interview – for Harvard Business School – in his office.



Two of the impressive Super Bowl Rings belonging to Mr. Kraft.





On Monday a small CRMG crew consisting of Don, Bruce, Cody, and Chuck head over to Vicor’s headquarters in Andover, MA to film an engineer describe one of their products. This half day shoot was followed by a quick edit of the material and draft 1 was sent off to Vicor before the end of the day.

On Tuesday we wrapped up the Vicor video and began preparations for the completion of the set we are building for the last shoot of our film, Marranos. We also placed Leanne’s voice over for the PT Barnum Awards into our edit while beginning work on two new “digital” commercials. One television spot is for a North Carolina law firm and, the other is for tax attorneys based in Florida.



Today – Wednesday – we will be wrapping up those PT Barnum awards which consist of biographical films about Hank Azaria, Rob and Pru Sternin, David Rone, and Gary Winick.



The rest of the week will include continued set construction, a new intern joining us, the completion of the two television spots, editing on Marranos, and preparations for filming new vignettes about environmental initiatives at Tufts University.


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