Appliance Zone Television Commercial

The 30-second commercial for Appliance Zone via National Media Spots  is a standout “scenario vignette” that showcases their products and services through a relatable, entertaining story that resonates with consumers. The creative minds at Charles River Media Group (CRMG) oversaw the entire production process, from concept and script development to storyboarding, location scouting, casting, special effects, and post-production.

With a full production crew and an Arri Alexa camera, CRMG helped position Appliance Zone as a major player in the appliance industry. The team worked tirelessly for 12 hours, utilizing all the necessary equipment from a packed grip truck, to bring the commercial to life with a director, producer, director of photography, assistant camera, art director, gaffer, grips, PAs, two actors, and a makeup artist. This production showcased the brand’s competitiveness and effectively marketed the company to a larger audience.

Client: NMSAbacus Health Products

Year: 2012

Industry: Consumer/Brand / TV/Film/Doc

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