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Charles River Media Group has collaborated with the Boston Groundwater Trust since 2017, creating a series of videos documenting their efforts to monitor and maintain groundwater levels throughout the city of Boston.

Many of the old and historic buildings in Boston are supported on wooden pilings and those wooden pilings need to remain submerged below the groundwater table.
If the groundwater table drops, the pilings become exposed to air and create an environment in which bacteria and bugs can grow. This, in turn, causes the wood pilings to deteriorate, compromising the foundations of the buildings and making them unsafe.

The Boston Groundwater Trust uses observation wells to monitor the levels of groundwater. They also help implement the use of recharge systems and porous pavements to help rainwater pass into the ground and replenish the water table.

If the pilings of a building are rotted, the building must undergo the extensive process of underpinning – replacing each woodpile with steel posts and concrete. The CRMG team joined the Underpinning construction crews, following deep underground to film as they sawed off centuries old rotted wood and installed the steel posts in their place.

CRMG editors then arranged the B-Roll in line with the interviews of Christian Simonelli, Executive Director of the Boston Groundwater Trust and Mike Atwood, Principal Consultant, Haley & Aldrich.

The end result: three short, informational videos outlining the Trusts efforts to preserve some of Boston’s oldest and most beautiful buildings and a 2018 (inaugural) Gold Telly award!

The CRMG production and post-production team included Don Schechter, Jackie Noack, Bruce Petschek, David Bouley, Jonathan Shedler, Alex Kukla, and Kelly Hernandez.

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