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2019 is our  sixteenth year in business and we are looking forward to sending out a MAJOR announcement in the coming weeks. (There’s a hint below – keep reading!)

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In 2018, we continued long standing relationships with ACP Decisions, Springer, the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, National Media Spots, Choate, Weber Shandwick, Vicor, and Hasty Pudding (where we had the pleasure to interview and livestream Mila Kunis and Paul Rudd), and also welcomed many new clients including:

• The Jackson Laboratory • Taza Chocolate • Dealer Inspire • Ibasis • JSI
 • One Planet • Vista Higher Learning • Webstream • Oasis Systems • Air-Care • Viewpoint • Boston Properties • Yale Cordage
• Baptiste Yoga • Comcast 

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From Don Schechter:

Outside of my role overseeing CRMG, in 2018 I began my collaboration with TEDx Cambridge as Video Director at the Boston Opera House, finished the Ascendants novel (117,000 words), directed telethons, “stream-athons,” and live events for Sonic Pixel Media – as well as the Ig Nobel Awards for Seven Generations Video – and taught production courses as a Professor of the Practice at Tufts University.

From Kelly Hernandez:

My first year living in New England has been full of so many fun projects and new opportunities! From Harvard Square to Bar Harbor, I had the chance to showcase my editing and producing skillset (as well as my expert driving tactics when I swerved to avoid hitting a deer on the way to our Maine shoot — thank you, GTA). I’m also very grateful for all the new friends I’ve made here at CRMG. They all really are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to more great projects in 2019! 


Check out our amazing client reviews on Clutch. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!
Some of our favorite quotes from your reviews:d
  • “CRMG executed the production seamlessly, creating the videos as requested. They were responsive to feedback and adapted well to unforeseen changes. In the end, the team’s friendly approach and professionalism helped secure further engagement.”
  • “CRMG offers high-end film production and consulting without the bloat and pretentiousness of working with an agency. They keep costs low by only bringing in the experts that are needed. I can always do a quick call with them to get my concerns addressed. Their founder takes a proactive approach with us; He takes the time to explain his reasoning and address our concerns. “
  • “CRMG works quickly without sacrificing professionalism or creativity, which speaks to their passion for their work. Their comprehensive event services utilize industry best-practices.”
We’re also at the very top of the list of the top production companies in Boston according to UpCity!


Thanks for reading! We hope to see you soon at our “TV PLACE.”
More to come…


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