The setting for our recent location production commercial was the frame of a beautiful Boston home, in the process of being built by our client, FBN Construction.

On the day of our shoot, the exterior walls were up and roof was in place, yet most beams were still exposed, providing a very dynamic shooting environment for us to play with.  We arrived with a full truck of equipment, turned the house into a commercial set, and had an exceptionally smooth day of filming.

FBN upgraded to the ARRI Alexa camera package and so the detail and beauty of the construction really stood out on screen.  Also, the authenticity of having the owner address the TV audience from this environment was an effective choice for this spot.

In one of his interview responses, Bob said, “We’ve built hundreds of houses before, but we never built this one.” CRMG can relate!  For all the video production and commercials we’ve created, we’ve never built one like this.


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