Last week was a whirlwind for CRMG! We filmed talks, keynotes, interviews, group sessions, and some beautiful nature b-roll over the course of 5 days last week.

Mobius Executive Leadership had contacted us about a year ago to begin planning such a large undertaking. We ended up capturing a whopping 1.8TB of footage with three FS7s, one FS 100, one FS5, and a drone!

We have a relatively quick deadline in terms of post-production, but so we got right to work on the multi-cam edits, the interviews, and highlight videos this week!

To find out more about our corporate work, go to this page. We have worked with countless companies on everything from live streams and conferences to event highlights and photography, as well as corportate culture pieces and year-in-review videos.

Check out some screenshots of last week’s Mobius footage below:

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