Renewing Democracy Summit with Hillary Rodham Clinton

Charles River Media was entrusted with providing comprehensive production services including live streaming, A/V/L support, post production, and consulting services for the Renewing Democracy Summit at Wellesley College. The event launched the Hillary Rodham Clinton Center for Citizenship, Leadership and Democracy. The project was a hybrid event, featuring panel discussions, keynote addresses, and fireside chats with global leaders, including Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey.


CRMi’s collaboration with Motus Experiential and Wellesley’s team started six months prior to the summit. Our planning included scoping a virtual events platform to be used for advertising and registration, consulting on the run of the show, and developing interactive elements. 

Our web team helped develop a website to market the event and facilitate virtual participation via live stream on the day of the summit. Our broadcast and event technology team designed the technical workflows and mapping to accommodate all the necessary equipment behind the stage and in the theater. Our backstage broadcast video control room included stations for multi-camera directing, graphics and playback, live polling, broadcast audio mixing, and streaming and monitoring the broadcast.

In-Room Experience

CRMi provided all audio, video, lighting, and live streaming production in the theater, ensuring a high-quality experience for the in-room and remote audience. We upgraded the stage lighting and added colored architectural lighting around the space to elevate production value. We also upgraded the venue’s projection screen with the help of a high-power laser projector. Our sound team and audio equipment ensured excellent sound reinforcement in the room and a dedicated broadcast mix for the remote audience. Five cameras captured the event, with shots of the stage, the entire theater, and live audience reactions. 

Interactivity & Broadcasting

From the start of our planning process, our client stressed the importance of making the event interactive for both the online and in-room audience. CRMi’s solution was to integrate a polling and Q&A platform into the live streaming website while also having on-site attendees scan a QR code to load the app on their phones. We displayed real-time polling data on the in-room screens and live stream, connecting participants from around the world and creating a dynamic hybrid event.

Post Production

Following the event, CRMi editors produced a recap video of the event. The video included soundbites from the special guests along with audience reactions, provided broll from past events, and a look at the online interactivity.

Behind The Scenes

Take a look at our backstage broadcast control center.

Watch the Summit

The on-demand version of the live stream is available to watch here.

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