Needham Heights, MA – January 26, 2021 – Overwhelmingly, 93% event industry experts plan to invest in virtual events moving forward.  Charles River Media Group (CRMG) is a reseller of the Brandlive video platform, a vehicle for companies to interact with their audiences for sales meetings, trainings, fundraisers, conferences and other internal and external events. CRMG helps companies produce virtual events for audiences to identify with the company, be informed of key messages, and foster inspiration to engage them. 

Just over half (52.5%) of event marketers are challenged by the logistics of virtual events and believe virtual events require a different set of skills and resources. CRMG’s expertise and Brandlive’s intuitive interface makes virtual events much easier than using everyday virtual meeting software. Beyond group chat, interactive features such as polls, quizzes, and surveys alongside your video sessions drive engagement and viewer retention. If your event has sponsors or highlights promos, custom embeds right alongside the primary video can meet your needs, everything from donation boxes to tweets. 

Designed specifically for online events, the BrandLive platform complements CRMG’s video production, studio, and live streaming services to make CRMG a full-service shop for producing your next virtual event. 

“Utilizing our broadcast control rooms and production teams, we produce live and simulive programs that incorporate presenters in our studio and remotely via their webcams.” Director of Engineering Jon Shedler explained. “When we include slide decks, video playbacks, and branded on-screen graphics, it results in a seamless and engaging experience for any audience.”

Employee engagement is critical for company success – and creating a custom virtual event experience can still drive employee satisfaction and engagement KPIs at the fraction of the cost of in-person events. It’s not the setting that makes events unique and memorable, it’s the experience and connection between people.  Contact Charles River Media Group today to start planning your energizing spring and summer events for all audiences and budget sizes. 

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