Wayfair – at the Charles River Media Group studio

On April 10th, 2019 Wayfair launched their second Wayday event which included a 36 hour livestream of video product reviews.  

Charles River Media Group’s studio at 73 TV Place in Needham served as the home for the set. We provided a month of pre-production support, including set design and product logistics, a week of set building, and action packed days of filming. 

CRMG support included: 

A Production Designer, Carpenters and Painters, Studio Manager, Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Editor, Director of Photography, Camera Operators, Multi-Camera Production, Audio Engineer, Art and Production PAs, and hundreds of products unboxed and built.  

Check out our behind the scenes video.

Client: Wayfair

Year: 2019

Industry: Consumer/Brand

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